My name is Jerry Miller and I would like to welcome you to my site.

After 33 years working in the public sector  in March 2014 I made the decision to set up my own business offering bespoke painting, basing and terrain services to customers both old and new.

Since then I have been producing painted units and terrain pieces for customers across the world from Counties as far afield as Australia and America.

I have been involved in the hobby for the last 40 years and over this time have painted and owned many collections, mainly 28mm armies ranging from Ancients to Future Wars, but also other varied and unique pieces and collections.

Over this time I have become an avid collector of military books, some of which will be offering for sale, so if there are any specific titles you are looking for please drop me a line through the ‘contact page’. For current titles I have for sale, please visit the ‘Store’ page.

I will also be offering a number of figures for sale, both singles and units. You can find these items on the ‘Shop Page. In addition to figures and units I have painted, I also undertake commissions to order. For more information please visit the ‘Recent Work’ page

I have also over the years been commissioned to produce terrain items which have ranged from redoubts through to drop boards for jungle and rough terrain pieces. These can be produced to specific requirements and I also offer a service for the painting of buildings. Examples can be found on the ‘Terrain’ page.

The inspiration for my Hobby was Peter Gilder who ran the War games Holiday near Scarborough and designed the Connoisseur range of figures. Listening to Peter and reading the articles detailing his campaigns in the war games magazines had many a wargammer launching into a period they had never though of and I was no different. I still remember rushing home from work at lunch-time to finish painting a Union cavalry brigade which would allow me to take part in the refight of Gettysburg at the war games holiday centre.

In addition to painted figurines and books, I also offer a full basing service and have based many units in several different styles. For more information, please visit the ‘Basing Service’ page.