Hand Made Bases

I hand make each individual base to ensure the highest quality. Everything is made with the highest expertise and care to ensure you get the best product you deserver

For clients who visit UK war games conventions regularly, you may have seen some examples of my basing in Dave Thomas’s display cabinet around the shows or in the Waterloo war games book series produced by Stephen Maughan.

A nicely based unit certainly enhances the overall effect and can also be used to tell a story.

As an example, Prices for 28mm figures range from £0.30 per foot figure to £0.60 per cavalry figure. This can vary by materials requested. For more information please contact me and I will provide a bespoke quotation. Additionally, large orders could benefit from volume discounts.

There are many different techniques when it comes to basing figurines. The three preferred basing techniques I use are:

Sand and Glue:- This method was shown to me by Peter Glider and has been used over the years to base all of my collections and many others for clients,

Grass Flock:- This is one of the newer methods preferred by gamer today as a large quantity of figurines can be based quickly.

Tufts and Grout:- This method is growing in popularity and gives a very pleasing result.

Both of these can be enhanced with the addition of tufts as seen on the artillery and command bases or other things such as fences or pieces of wall. Please note, although these are the two most popular methods of basing, any techniques can be provided at the request of the customer.